Racquetball VS Tennis

Many people always want to know about Racquetball VS Tennis, because the games with Racquets have been really popular from a couple of past centuries. And now these type of sports are becoming more and more popular among our youngsters, and at international championship level too. No doubt that both games require racquets and balls to play them on, but the difference is all about the playing method of both the games. As in the tennis, there are two players on the opposite side to each other with the huge net in between them. And they both have to throw the ball towards each other. While in the Racquetball game, both the players have to be in the enclosed court, and they have to hit the ball against the wall on the front side. As for Racquetball VS Tennis, there are many things which you need to know about.

  • Introduction
  • Court Dimension
  • Balls
  • Racquet
  • Scoring Method

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Racquetball VS Tennis Intro

Racquetball was originally formed in the 20th century, or most probably in the 1950s. And to be surprising fact that racquetball was formed due to a player who got bored of playing tennis and handball from a long time, and when he got bored of these games then he decided to bring a revolutionary change in the sports field. So he came up with an idea of racquetball, which soon became really famous around the globe. While as for tennis, this game was originated many centuries ago. And from time to time modifications were being made in them, like in its earliest days, this game was being played with the help of hands instead of racquets, and from time to time racquet were being introduced to save your hands from getting hurt. Similarly, racquets also got better till now.

racquetball vs tennis

Racquetball Vs Tennis

Court Dimension

As for Racquetball VS Tennis battle, there is the difference in courts of these both games. The racquetball court is enclosed from all sides, and both the players have the get inside the court from the back wall via the door in it, but all other sides are just plain and enclosed. And this game is played is inside this small court, by a striking ball on the front wall, and in this way, this game goes on unless another player misses hitting the ball. While as for tennis court a large space is required for it to be played. We have written in details Racquetball Courts Vs Tennis Courts This game was originally being played in outdoor courts, but now there are several clubs which provides you with the facility of indoor courts as well.

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Racquet Or Rackets

Racquetball VS Tennis is a tough comparison to be done because they both have the same type of racquets to be used. But obviously, if the games are different then there will be a slight difference in racquets as well. And that is the difference is of size and shape. As for Racquetball racquets, they are like 22 to 23 inches, but tennis racquets are large in size which is about 28 inches.

By now you would have figured out main differences between Racquetball Vs Tennis. These two sports are completely different from each other but still many people confuse while differentiating between these two sports. 



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