Racquetball VS Squash

Many people consider Racquetball and Squash are the names of the same game, but there are very few who knows about Racquetball VS Squash and all the changes in both of them. No doubt that these both games are quite similar in look, but as for the playing rules and methods they are quite opposite than each other. As for Racquetball VS Squash following are the differences.

Main differences of Racquetball & Squash

  • Rules
  • Racquets
  • Balls
  • Method of Playing
  • Courts
  • Serves
  • Scores
racquetball vs squash difference

Racquetball Vs Squash Difference

Racquetball VS Squash Introduction

First of all, in the race of Racquetball VS Squash, it was Squash which was discovered. This game was originally started in the year of 1830, and surprisingly they were the students of Harrow School of England who discovered this game. I start, it was just a little fun game among the students of that school who just tried to throw a ball again and again against the wall, but soon this game achieved the level of international sports. Well, the story of Racquetball is no less different than squash, as it was also not a designed sport by some sportsman. Instead, this game was originated by a bored guy, who got fed up of playing tennis all the time. SO he decided to design his own game and came up with an idea of Racquetball with the racquet of his own design. But later this game became popular in the whole world among the teenagers and got heights in international championships as well.

Common Differences Between Racquetball And Squash

squash vs racquetball

Racquetball Vs Squash

The racquets of Racquetball and Squash were originally being manufactured of wood, but due to more exact usage turned towards different metals, in which titanium and graphite are on top of the list. The reason is that these metals are strong in physical and chemical properties, but they are very soft in touch which lets the player have a firm and comfortable grip on these racquets. The racquets of Racquetball are measured up to 22 inches, while of the squash it goes to 27 inches in length. While as for diameter the size is opposite as Racquetball racquet is 6 cm in diameter while of squash it is 4 cm. Before squash had circular shapes, but later they became similar to the Racquetball racquets of water drop shape.

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Difference Between Racquetball And Squash Video

Difference of Courts

There is no doubt that both games have enclosed courts of three opaque, and transparent walls, and wooden floors. But there is a little different in its dimension as well. The dimension of Squash court is 21 x 32 x 15 foot, and for the racquetball court, the dimension is 20 x 40 x 20 foot. Well in squash you are not allowed to hit the side walls, and ceiling, but for the squash, all you have to do is to be careful not to hit the ball on the ceiling. Plus the boundary lines for both the games are also different due to the difference of their playing methodologies. So, in short, it seems that both games have no such difference in playing and equipment, but truth is that even these little difference separates them from each other.

By now you must have known the difference between racquetball and squash. Stay tuned and keep looking for more about racquetball vs squash.



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