Racquetball Rules Basic To Advance

Learn about “Racquetball Rules in details. By knowing and following Rules of Racquetball you can have an edge over your opponent. Racquetball is an indoor game and is played with a hollow rubber ball and stringed racquet. This game has been played since 1950 in many countries. Racquetball is good for health and makes your bones and muscles strong and healthy. Playing this game is not so hard but it has some simple rules which you have to follow in playing this game. In this article, you are going to learn about “racquetball rules” which will help you in learning about this game in a better way.

Rules Of Racquetball

By learning about these “Rules of Racquetball” it will help you to play well and more accurately. So that you will not be able to make faults and by knowing about these rules will help you to win. Racquetball rules are not so hard these are the simple instructions which you have to follow in paying this game that will help you in learning about this game in a better way. For your convenience, I have divided these rules into different types and these are as follows:

Racquetball Rules

Racquetball Basic Rules – Doubles Racquetball Rules – Racquetball Serve Rules – Racquetball Court Rules

Racquetball Basic Rules

So, here are some racquetball basic rules which you have to take care of while playing this game and these rules are as follows:

Only 2 players can play this game 1 on 1 or it can also be 4 players who can play 2 on 2. And the other basic rule of playing racquetball is that the court should be fully closed and should be in rectangular shape and in a proper size limit. The ball should hit the front wall every time. And it should only bounce on the floor for one time after each hit. Service line and short lines should be marked without these things and following these basic rules you cannot play racquetball. So, before starting a game you should keep these things in mind. Not only this there are also some serves and some court rules which I am going to further discuss in this article.

Racquetball Serve Rules

In racquetball serving get 2 chances to serve a ball in a right way. First of all, on service, the ball should be a bounce to the floor and then to the wall. The ball should serve to the front ball if it hits any other side of the wall the server will lose its first turn. The service may be a fault if it lands before passing the short line. The ball should be back without hitting the floor is also not acceptable. It should also not hit the ceiling. And the ball should only be served when the opponent is ready otherwise it will call as a fault and server will lose its turn.

Racquetball Court Rules

Racquetball Court Rules

Racquetball Court Rules

Learn about Racquetball Court Rules. Now here I am going to discuss racquetball court rules without them you could not be able to play a racquetball and are necessary to follow those rules and should be served properly. It is an indoor game and the racquetball court should be in a rectangular shape with height and width of 20 inches and its length should be 40 inches. The short line and service line should be visibly drawn on the court. And the court should be clean and the surface should be flat. If it gets wet from sweat the court will be immediately cleaned.

Service line, receiving line, Service zone, double box and screen line should be properly made as per rules otherwise the game will not be possible to play or will be difficult for the players to play well. And making these lines is in the rule and should be followed properly. These lines should be 1 ½ inches wide so that it should be clearly visible to the players.

Doubles Racquetball Rules

Doubles Racquetball Rule

Racquetball Doubles Rules

Double racquetball means when there are 4 people playing together in teams by having 2 players each. At this point, there are also some rules set for them to follow so that they can play better and more appropriate. Each player will remain in their teams until the end of that particular game and there will be no switching among all the players. They only have to play in the there team till the end. Both the members of a team have to coordinate well with them otherwise they will lose their game.

Each player in the team will serve one after another but in the first serve, if a member of the first team is out the whole team will be out. There is a handout and side out rules in this game. It’s up to you to maintain serve rotation order of not there is no such hard and fast rule for it that either you want to maintain a serve rotation order or not.

The player who is serving will be standing in the service box and the others will be standing in the double box. All the non-serving players are not allowed to move from there until the ball is served and this rule is for everyone. Whenever the ball is going to serve all the players have to follow this rule each and every time the bell is served. So, these were the double racquetball rules which everyone has to follow to play this game.

So, these were the “Racquetball Rules” which one should follow to play this game properly and in a better way and without following these rules you can lose or will not be able to play this game. For the understanding of this game, I have mentioned above all the rules which you can learn easily and by following these rules will help you to play this game in a much better way. Without understanding racquetball rules one cannot play well and it will be difficult to learn that how to play this game. So by reading these rules and by following them properly will help you to learn this game in a better way and will also help you to win this game and following these rules will also save you from making faults while playing.

Hope you would have learned about the Rules of Racquetball and understood it clearly. By learning and practicing them they will surely make you have an edge over your opponent.


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