Racquetball Racquets Vs Tennis Racquets

Before we go into detail about the racquetball racquets vs. tennis racquets we should know some of the details about both of these games and that will make us understand how both of these sports are a lot different from each other and later we can prove that point in the light of the difference between the racquetball racquets and tennis racquets. Racquetball In the type of sport which can be played in an inside a well as the outside court and alike the tennis and the squash it’s played with a racquet and a ball. The ball is made up of rubber and is hollow inside while the racquet is a little like the tennis and squash racquets but there are some of the differences that you will be able to identify later. Tennis is also a sport consisting of the racquets ad a ball and it is a lot different from the racquetball and you can see the difference in the court.

Difference Between Racquetball And Tennis

Following are some of the basic differences in the racquetball and tennis which also includes the difference of racquetball racquets vs. tennis racquets

  • Their courts are very different from each other.
  • The presence of net between the opponents in the tennis and absence of it in the racquetball.
  • The balls used in both sports.

racquetball racquets vs tennis racquetsSo these were some of the differences in the racquetball and tennis and there is also another difference like in racquetball the players wear eye protection ad in tennis they don’t and the rules and method of playing game makes both of these games very different even when they seem to be quite alike due to the presence of racquets and tennis.

Racquetball Racquets vs. Tennis Racquets

Racquetball racquets and Tennis racquets are one of the major differences between these two sports. The major difference of racquetball racquet vs. tennis racquet is the size of them and so far it the basic difference that helps identify these racquets since the material by which they are made is almost same in all sports. Now coming to the difference we should know that the racquetball racquet cannot be longer than 22 inches, it for sure can be smaller than that but can’t be longer while the tennis racquet can be as long as 28 inches. Another major difference in the racquetball racquets vs. tennis racquets is that in racquetball racquet a rubber ring is attached to the end that the racquetball players wear around their wrist to make a strong grip on the racquet since it’s so small in size while in the tennis racquets there is no need for that because the racquet is long enough to have a suitable grip.

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Racquetball racquets and tennis racquets are also different because each type is made for the special type of the ball of each sport. In racquetball, the ball is made of hollow rubber and the racquets are built accordingly to give a proper swing to that ball. And in tennis, the ball is made of fabric cover so the racquets are built in accordance with that.

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