Racquetball Courts vs Tennis Courts

Know about main difference of racquetball courts vs tennis courts. Racquetball, tennis and squash, all three of them are the sports that are almost alike but they are actually very different and you can analyze that by our further discussion of racquetball court vs. tennis court in detail. Racquetball and tennis as most people don’t know are two different games even their equipment and the court everything is totally different but most of the people who are not into sports that much cant notice even such major difference. The rules of the game are totally different even you can say the entire method of playing the game is totally different. In tennis, the opponents are facing each other and have a net between them while in the racquetball the opponent players are facing the wall of that court and there is no net between them. Other things like the racquetball court vs. Tennis court can also help us mark the difference.

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Difference Between Racquetball And Tennis

racquetball courts vs tennis courts

The thing that makes tennis and racquetball totally different is the method of the games which you have already been told about moreover you can also note the difference from the balls and racquets of these two sports. For some people, both of these games are same because they see racquets ad the ball being used but if you see the construction of the racquet an how the ball is and what type of material it is made up of they will be able to differentiate these two sports. Racquetball court vs. tennis court is the major difference between these two sports and you will definitely be able to identify the difference.

Difference Between Racquetball Court Vs Tennis Court

Racquetball court vs. tennis court is the major difference between these two sports and you should be le to identify them with the help of it. Following are some of the major differences in the racquetball court vs. tennis court.

  • Size of the court
  • Presence or absence of the side walls
  • Material which the court is made up of
  • Area the players are confined inside the court

difference between racquetball and tennis courtsDiscussing in detail all the above-described differences in racquetball court vs. tennis court we should, first of all, know that unlike racquetball there are no side walls or any wall in the tennis court and tennis court doesn’t seem to look like an isolated cabin. Tennis court could be present in either indoor or outdoor and it can be made of clay, cement or simply grass which is not the case with the racquetball court. Moreover, in a racquetball court, there are specified markings in the court where the player has to stay and should stay confined to but in the tennis court the players only have the sides on each side of the net. A tennis court I also larger in size than racquetball court which is 40 by 20 in sizes and tennis court is 70 by 39 in sizes.

So these were some of the basic racquetball courts vs. tennis court differences that one should know about.

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