Racquetball Courts Vs Squash Courts Differences

Racquetball and squash either alike are actually different types of sports based on racquetball court vs. squash court and most of the people would think it alike but in fact, it is not. Both of these sports can be differentiated easily based upon some of the basic differences. From sports equipment to the game rules everything is different about the racquetball and squash and even when you compare racquetball court vs. squash court you can see the major difference between them. These are the differences that can help identify the difference between both of these sports. Normally people who are not that much into sports like racquetball, tennis or squash have no idea what’s the difference between them and they consider it to be the same sport which is not the reality because both of them are entirely different sports.

racquetball courts vs squash courts

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Racquetball Court Vs Squash Courts Difference

Racquetball court vs. squash court can be identified based on the court sizes because both of the courts are of different sizes. A racquetball court is rectangular in shape and is 20 feet long n 40 feet wide whereas the squash court which is also rectangular is 32 feet long and 21 feet wide. So this is the basic difference that can help you identify these courts.

racquetball vs squash court difference Moreover, there is also a difference in the height of these courts since both of them are quite alike but racquetball has a height of 20 feet and the squash has the height of 18.5 feet. But even the height and other size is not a difference of racquetball and squash courts  that can be noticed without measurement so some of the markings in these courts are some other differences that can help you identify the racquetball court vs. squash court. The half inch red lines separate the service a well as the receiving area and there are also 5 by 20 boxes where players are to stand in the racquetball court and in the squash court there re service boxes and service and return areas marked in the court and also out of court lines represent in the squash court.

These were some of the basic differences of racquetball court vs. squash court that helps you identify them from each other. You can also identify these two sports from each other based on some other basic differences.

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