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Racquetball a very popular game invented in 1950 by Joe Sobek. The lovers of racquetball are increasing day by day. Here at Racquetball Sport know everything about racquetball. Know Everything about Racquetball at RacquetballSport.comĀ 

Racquetball VS Tennis

racquetball vs tennis

Many people always want to know about Racquetball VS Tennis, because the games with Racquets have been really popular from a couple of past centuries. And now these type of sports are becoming more and more popular among our youngsters, and at international championship level too. No doubt that both games require racquets and balls […]

Racquetball VS Squash

racquetball vs squash difference

Many people consider Racquetball and Squash are the names of the same game, but there are very few who knows about Racquetball VS Squash and all the changes in both of them. No doubt that these both games are quite similar in look, but as for the playing rules and methods they are quite opposite […]

Racquetball Fitness And Benefits

racquetball fitness

If you are looking for a great sport for every season and weather and want to stay healthy as well then you will find a perfect combination of Racquetball & Fitness. As this is a kind of game which would not just provide you with the opportunity to play it anytime, but also lets you […]

What Is Racquetball Explained

what is racquetball

What is Racquetball exactly? The game racquetball is an exciting sport which is worth watching and playing. Many people talk about its history and background and claim that it was started during somewhere in 80s and might be described as one of the ancient sports. However, this is not the case. Racquetball is alive, well, […]

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