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Racquetball is one of the famous types of game. Sports is a kind of a recreational activity to keep us healthy, and currently, there are hundreds of different kinds of sports in different regions of the world. Well in short people have so many options to adopt one or two, or even more than two different kinds of sports to keep them busy and energetic even in their old age. “Racquetball” is basically being played worldwide, and a few years back there were very few people who were actually aware of this game by its name.

And the reason behind this is that people usually confuse this game by Squash which is also another famous and similar game of international standard. Well, as soon as this game has reached to international championships since then people found out about “Racquetball” and its nature.

What is “Racquetball”?

Basically, this is a game which requires its own type of court with the unique sports equipment. This game actually got its popularity in the late 20th century. The main reason this game got so much popular is that it really fun game to play, and really easy to learn as well. In the start, people took this as a fun, and that is why youngsters started the trend of this game on the national level. And at that time there were no rules for this game, so youngsters just play this game as they want.

But soon after a decade, this game got its height on the international level, and that was the time where rules and restrictions were included in Racquetball. And soon after that, there were Racquetball clubs in every city and every country, where youngsters can go and enjoy this game. And then the players of this game started to increase, which made this game one of the most popular game in the world. Basically, there are two different types of courts for this game.

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How to Play Racquetball?

First one is the indoor court which is quite similar to the court of Squash. Then next comes outdoor court and for that, there are further two types, and among those two first is one which has walls on just three sides, the secondly is with just a front wall with open from all three sides. It is a bit tough to play Racquetball in outdoor courts because then there are more chances for the players to miss the ball. Just like any other this one also has a governing body, which organizes all of its championships in the world, and rules and regulations as well. That governing body is named as The United States Racquetball Association, and this governing body is currently situated in Colorado. Moreover, this organization is also responsible for Olympics Racquetball Championships. Currently, this game is not as watched worldwide as any other popular games. But as the graph is going up, so it is hoped that in a decade or so this game will get the same status of interest like football, tennis, cricket etc.

Rise of Racquetball

Racquetball Sport

Racquetball Sport – Racquetball Complete Guide

Every year there are several championships held in different parts of the world with hundreds of players from all around the world. And of course, it is The United States Racquetball Association which organize each and every match. And these championships are aired on almost every sports channel which makes people take more interest in this game. Well just like any other game this one also has some history related to it.

The inventor of this game is Joe Sobek who was the resident of Greenwich in the state of Connecticut. Joe was the professional player of Handball and Long tennis, but he just got bored of playing the same type of games on and on. And that is when he decided to discover something else, which is much more exciting and fun to play. So he mixed up some games and made some rules and playing methodologies for a new game. Racquetball is basically a mixture of Handball, Paddleball, and Squash. Well, it was obvious that at that time there was no proper court to play this game so he tested this game on a Handball court.

Racquetball Association

Then in the end of 1960’s International Racquetball Association was formed by the president of US Handball Association, because he thought to give this game a chance to grow up under some proper channel. And as very first championship of Racquetball went very well with great response, so they decide to take it a step ahead, and that foundation was renamed as American Amateur Racquetball Association, but after few years they realized this name does not goes well with their international standards.

So this organization decided to rename this Racquetball governing body as The United States Racquetball Association. And as this sport got more popular so does the construction of courts in the country. Then proper players were being chosen to play this exciting sport with their professional skills, and energetic training.

Racquetball Courts

Now comes the most interesting part of Racquetball, and that is the equipment to be used to play this fun and exciting game. So first and most important thing in this game is, of course, the court. And for championships mostly indoor Racquetball courts are being used. These courts are enclosed from all four directions.

Actually, this court has shaped a rectangle, and inside the floor of the court, all the places are divided by the lines. First one is the service line where the player has to stand next in order to serve the ball, then comes the short line which divides the whole court in two. The dimension of this court is 40 x 20 x 20 by length, width and height. After this comes the racquet of this game which is quite similar in shape of racquets for long tennis, but they are shorter in length of about 22 inches which lets the player have the strong grip on the racquets.

Here player does not have enough time to decide their next move, so this racquet is designed in such a way that player never lose grip over the racquets.


Racquetball Complete Guide

Racquetball Equipment

Next comes the eye guard, and this is a kind of goggles which saves the player from any direct hit of the ball in the eyes. As the ball bounces back with much speed so a direct hit in the eye could cause some major eye issues or even permanent vision loss. Still, there are some professionals who do not use these eye guards because it is not a mandatory equipment to be used in the game.

The last equipment is the small ball, which is made from rubber to make it more flexible and bouncy. This ball is 2.25 inches in diameter, and it is available in different colours as well. Well for many people these balls are just some ordinary racquetball coloured balls, but in fact, they have a purpose to be coloured in different colours. As for the fresher or beginners, they are required to play with the blue coloured balls. The reason that why this colour is chosen at early stages is because blue colour is more visible in the white coloured court, and it helps the players to focus on the ball easily.

Different type of Balls

Then comes the initial tournaments, and for that green coloured balls are being used by the players, but that is not the restriction because blue balls can also be used. Then for the professional’s purples, balls are used, as they are also easily describe-able. Furthermore, for the international tournaments, black balls are being used by the professional racquetball players. While in the last stage red fiery balls are being used.

These balls are not easy to be played with because they are a bit heavy in weight. And only an experienced player can play with this type of balls after performing years of practice. Now due to this ball, players have to move quickly before it stops bouncing. And with the increase in international tournaments every year, these red balls are also started to be produced in great amount.

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Racquetball Benefits

And at the end comes the health benefits of this game, and for that, there is no doubt because every outdoor game is designed in such a way to keep us energetic and healthy even in our old age. And first of all due to the constant movement of your body, and by hitting the ball with strengthening your muscles and bones also get strengthened. And for the people who have the problem of fats, then this is the best game for them to play because you can burn a maximum of your calories in just one or two hours.

And with the constant focus on the ball, your focus also get strong, because you are learning to focus on one thing for a longer time period, and by that, your patience also increases automatically. And it also helps you to balance your body in different positions, because in this game you have to keep your body balanced in order to make a perfect shot.

Hope by now you would have got an idea of “Racquetball “Sport which is an interesting type of sport.

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